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Entry #1

Be warned, Anything I say or do may hurt you!

2010-12-13 01:25:08 by Dr34dLock

I love newgrounds! It's like a home-away from home. I've seen things, such as gut-horror, and crazy things that nobody would normally watch. I've seen tales of life and death portrayed via characters that are only imagined in the vaguest thoughts.

Many people have worked their buts off to get the content on this site running non-stop to build a community that cannot easily falter to other flash sites. Newgrounds is like a audio-video-flash panorama picture. It is everywhere, made by everyone.

Only people who have viewed all of newgrounds can ever say what type of site it is, for it has a shadowy cover that most people cannot view without breaking through walls of Ban-hammers and viewing the unmentionables.

Here I say that newgrounds has actually lifted me up when I was bored, and even sparked my curiosity to new heights.


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